Why Khora

If you are a medical practice that provides primary care services and have been considering an expansion to specialty services, Khora may be right for you.

Khora is a healthcare organization focused on creating access to specialty care for underserved patient populations. Khora solutions bring specialty physicians to underserved patients, through technological advancements, resulting in enhanced clinical outcomes and increased access to care for patients in need of specialty medications.

Our customers include Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers, Rural Referral Centers, Critical Access Hospitals and Primary Care Practices that do not currently provide specialty services or provide limited specialty services (i.e. Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Rheumatology and Infectious Disease). Our goal is to enhance the scope of services for specific medical groups beyond primary care medicine.

Decreasing access to specialists for underserved patient populations has created a gap in healthcare system that needs to be addressed. Increasingly, patients with limited access to specialty providers have a diminished quality of life and poor clinical outcomes. Khora was created in an effort to provide specialty care to underserved and rural patient populations by expanding patient access to specialists using technology. Through our professional corporation and integrated platform, Khora connects patients to specialists in a more timely and efficient manner utilizing Telehealth. The key benefits of partnering with Khora include the following:

  • Access to care for individuals that have limited or no access to transportation
  • Turnkey integrated solution with zero upfront implementation expenses
  • Our informal relationship with Covered Entities removes the requirement to change scope
  • Contingency fee model – we bill our partners as a percentage of savings
  • Specialty providers are available during pre-determined clinic hours